When preparing for a move — whether it be overseas or down the block — decluttering your home will help make the transition more calm and enjoyable. To further foster a stress-free move, hiring a moving service, such as Ability Moving And Storage, can make the process a whole lot easier, too! Whether you want to sit back and let someone do a full-service move — from start to finish that includes packing, wrapping, and moving items or a couple of people to move boxes out — Ability Moving And Storage will do both! So, begin the moving process by clearing and decluttering your space for the new beginnings that await.

Where to begin?

Decluttering can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re sentimental about your things, and yet, you also want to purge. Where do you begin? The easiest place to start, is to tackle one room at a time — and do it sooner rather than later!

Plan it out.

If you’re questioning where you should begin, it never hurts to get it out on paper. Our brains experience and process a lot in a day, so free up a little space and grab the pen and paper! Writing things down helps get your thoughts flowing and can help ignite the decluttering process. You may be able to think of new ideas to help you get organized for the move. When you write things out, you also remember more and you won’t become as distracted. Writing helps you focus.

Start now, start small.

The important part is to start, otherwise you’ll be entrenched in dread a week before you have to move. Begin with a room with the most amount of clutter. For some people this is their spare bedroom or a storage closet. Think about the amount of time you have to start the decluttering process; after an hour or so, it just becomes exhausting. So, pick a space that can be completed in the shortest amount of time.

When you begin, it helps to get a little organized. Have your boxes ready for the items you’re going to pack up for the move and them have trash bags ready for purging and donating.

Do a little each day, and by the time you have to move, you’ll have a majority of your things packed away ready for the moving service.

Utilize the Konmari Method.

If you’re panicking about what you’re purging, just take a moment and use the Konmari Method. What is the Konmari Method? In this method you ask yourself — when determining whether or not to keep an item — if it “sparks joy.” If it does, then you keep it, and if it doesn’t you purge it. It seems very simple, and it is, but it requires a state of honest mindfulness that requires you to be in the present and not think of the item with the past or future in mind. It’s here. And, it’s now.

If you’re ready to declutter and prepare your space for a fresh move — remember to plan it out, start now and start small, and to not panic when you’re purging — just keep the KonMari Method in mind!

When the decluttering phase is complete, you’re ready for a moving service.

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